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Unlock MEGA MOISTURE. Bye-Bye dry!

Honey & Peach Koil Juice

Intoxicating moisture for hydrated coils.

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happy natural beauty with Honey & Peach Koil Juice

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Kinks, Kurls & Koils

Kurls (4A)

If you have 4A hair, you’re blessed with a stunning and versatile texture that’s full of personality. Picture a crown of luscious coils that form tight, springy S-shaped patterns. This hair type is known for its density, allowing it to appear voluminous and rich. When you touch your gorgeous 4A curls, you’ll notice their softness and springiness, which gives them an incredibly bouncy feel.

A picture of a brown beauty with luscious 4A coils.

Koils (4B)

4B hair is absolutely breathtaking. Your fabulous mane boasts tightly coiled strands that form a zigzag pattern, showcasing a unique blend of kinks and curls. This hair type has a beautiful density and volume, which gives it a natural fullness that’s simply captivating. When you run your fingers through your gorgeous 4B coils, you’ll feel their amazing elasticity and resilience with a softness that is incredibly luxurious to the touch.

Posh brown girl with gorgeous 4B coils

Kinky Koils (4C)

The incredible beauty of 4C hair is simply awe-inspiring.  This hair type exudes a natural elegance with tightly-coiled strands that form a captivating pattern, showcasing a rich and intricate array of coils and zigzags.  Your gorgeous 4C curls are natural showstoppers with a unique coil pattern and incredible density like a crown of majestic fullness that commands attention. 

Stunning cocoa babe with voluminous 4C coils

Why Koily Naturals?

We promote Brown Beauties confidently embracing their natural hair journey while offering high-quality products designed to enhance and nourish the beautifully unique kinks and koils that is type 4 hair.

Paraben free

No Parabens

Our products are meticulously crafted without the use of parabens, ensuring a safer and healthier hair care experience for you and your coils.

Phthalate free

No Phthalates

Some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive system in animals.  We exclude phthalates for safety and peace of mind.

All Natural

All Natural

With purely natural ingredients, we offer a hair care experience that is free from synthetic additives and rich in the goodness of nature.

Join The Koil Konversation!

Read our hair blog, a haven for brown beauties embracing their natural type 4 hair. Discover expert tips, inspiring stories, and product recommendations tailored to your unique hair journey.

Caramel cutie with coily natural hair

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Customer Raves:

Honey & Peach Koil Juice
Honey & Peach Koil Juice

 “love it! Love the scent. My hair stays moist after spraying and twisting it for a few days. I don’t feel any dryness in my hair. The coconut oil is not for my low porosity but it seems to work without heavy feeling. I prefer fractional coconut oil but this is fine without heavy grease.”

Mango Black Castor Nourishing Shampoo
Mango Black Castor shampoo

“Exactly what my dry hair needed! It smells so good and my hair stays soft for days. Will definitely repurchase.”




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